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Pearl lagoon basin is a special place; geographically small area has representation of three indigenous communities. They all have their own language, traditions and very different kind of histories and stories. You can find traditional life style and communities of Miskitos, Uluas, Sumo-Mayagnas. More than that, you can find two afro-decedent ethnic groups. In Pearl Lagoon area is spoken four indigenous language, Creole English, standard English and of course Spanish, too. Garifunas and Kriols. Taspa Pauni and Kakha bila are Miskito communities, Karawala is a Ulua community, Orinoco, La Fe, Brown Bank and San Vicente are Garifuna communities and Marshall Point is considered as Kriol community. Hostal Garifuna organizes tours to all these communities, with local guides and cultural presentations. Where else in the world you can find this amount of different original cultures and traditions to see and get to know?


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