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Who are Garifuna people and how is their unique and very special culture. Here you can find answer and submerge to this special and colorful expression of African-american humanity. By the way, whole Garifuna culture, songs and music, dances, believing and original religion, gastronomy is declared as a Intangible heritage of humanity, by UNESCO. Hostal Garifuna is a place where you can get to know Garifuna culture and all it's features in Nicaragua. The most of Garifunas live in Honduras, Guatemala and Belize and the southernmost Garifuna communities are in Nicaragua: Orinoco, La Fe, San Vicente and Brown Bank. We organize all kind of activities related to Garifuna Culture, courses, capacity building, cultural events and concerts. We are organizers of Festival Garifuna, Celebration of National Garifuna day in 19. of November. Festival is a huge event, with many thousands visitors and presentations of all central american nations. Festival Garifuna is a pride of all Garifuna communities in Nicaragua.


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