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You must  remember that with maritime traffic and with Nicaraguan time-tables you need always a lot of patience! Pangas are sometimes full booked and there is a possibility of strong winds and storms, that prohibits or may delay departures. So  a good preparation in forehand is very much recommendable.

 In following days panga traffic may suffer disturbances and at least time table may be altered:

  • Eastern holidays: From Holy Friday to Eastern day there is no panga traffic
  • End of school semester in end of June, and before Christmas holidays (date varies), pangas might be full
  • 14 and 15 of Sepember: Nicaraguan national days, no panga traffic
  • 17-19 of November: Annual Garifuna Festival, pangas are full
  • Christmas holidays: no traffic 24-26 of December
  • New year: No panga traffic 31. December – 1. January
  • Some special events in Atlantic coast (such as baseball tournaments) might alterate traffic, too.

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