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Our responsibility is that nobody gets hurt or injured in our hotel. Therefore we take security issues very seriously. Fire distinguishers are allays in hand and in good condition, as well as fireproof carpets. Another small item is our system of smoke and fire alarms in every room. Those little things are interconnected by radio, so if there is even a smallest sign of fire in one of the rooms, they alarm simultaneously and wake everybody up in time. This is the reason why we don't recommend anybody to smoke inside the rooms, but in balcony. Another equipment in use is a LED based security light system which is installed in main corridor, restrooms and restaurant. Even if electricity goes down, we have lights on. Of course Hostal Gariffuna has its own generator for emergencies and for normal interruptions of electricity.

In our tours, everybody wear our own life vests and boats are always equipped with flashlights, drive-lights and phones or radios, depending where they are mobilizing. We believe that training and capacity building of security issues is always the best way to avoid issues. By systematic capacity building sessions, every worker of Hostal Garifuna have to know, how to distinguish fire, give first aid, where are first aid kits and how to contact community's health center and medical doctor. 


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