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Delicious seafood and traditional meals of Garifunas are served in Hostal Garifuna's own restaurant. In the following menu there are some examples of seafood and traditional Garifuna meals. Some changes in menu are made ocasionally by seasons and availability of different kinds of raw materials. Our menu is valid from the date.. 

Sunday, 28 February 2016
Fish meals
  Fresh lobster in vedgetable bed ...  10,00 $

This is the best (and therefore the most expensive) meal of our restaurant. Lobsters are fair size and every meal have two of them. Vedgetables are harvested in our own farm. Preparation of meal is made with skill and heart according to the best Caribbean cuisine traditions.

  Garlic Shrimps ...  6,00 $

Garlic jumbo shrimps is one of favorits in our menu. Good amount of fresh shrimps fried in coconut oil with a lot of garlic. Fried potatos or banana ships and rice. Simple and basic, but so delicious..

  Tarpoon with herbs ...  6,00 $

Tarpoon is one of the best fishes in Caribbean sea. We prepare it with care, cook it in coconut oil and add fresh herbs and some other condiments. Delicious with fried banana ships, fried potatos and fresh sallad.

  Fried Lagoon Fish with vedgetables ...  6,00 $

Basic but very fresh, delicious and healthy..


Specialities of Restaurant Isiene in Hostal Garifuna are delicious seafood meals and Traditional Garifuna food. Anyhow there are other options of good value available too.

If you are a vegetarian or have food based allergies, please let us know! We will find how to prepare a delicious meal for you!

Traditional Garifuna food
  Pulali - traditional fish meal in herb sauce ...  6,00 $

Pulali is a very common food among Garifunas. Fresh lagoon fish is boiled with herbs and served with mashed wedgetables, yuca, green herbs from restaurant garden and other condiments. Traditional Garifuna gastronomy in its best...

  Hudutu ...  6,00 $

Hudutu is made out of yuca (or cassaba, if you wish) and other tuberculosis of region. Everything is cooced and mashed together and mixed with tasty herbs and condiments. Normally it is served in form of ball. The taste is something like well made mashed potato, but a lot more tastefull. Very delighting experience...

  Rondon ...  6,00 $

Rondon is the most common traditional food of Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast. It is done from coconut, allmost any sea-food, yuca, and other tuberculosis and condiments and herbs. It is very tastefull and strong food.

Anyhow it must be prepared well advanced, so if you whant to try this alternative, please order it fromr chef one day before.

Buen provecho!


Restaurant Isiene is a mecca for those, who want to taste delicious and exotic traditional Garifuna food. Enjoy!

  Soup of Clamps ...  6,00 $

Soups made out of fishh, clamps or moluscs is an exellent choise for lighter meal


Restaurante Isiene has a good variety of soups of all kind of sealife

Extras and some specialities
  Extra rice in banana leaf bed  

Tasty ball of rice in form of ball. Placed on banana leaf and served hot.

  Extra tomatoes and sallad  
  Spieces and condiments  

We allways prepare some spice mixtures with fresh herbs. They are always available with every meal. Anyhow, Depending to the season these herbs and spieces can vary a little. Normally there is allways available Chili sauce (chile cabro) and oregano based sauce.


These extras are not really extras, but they come with most of the meals. Enjoy them for free...

  Nicaraguan breakfast ...  3,00 $

Nicaraguan breakfast in its best:  tasty gallo pinto (rice with beans) fried in coconut oil. Scrumbled eggs, Sliced fruits of the season and slices of coconut bread or tortillas by your choise. Not bad at all... Of course a nice cup of percolated coffee is included as well as fresly made fruit juice.

  Continental breakfast ...  3,00 $

Our continental breakfast is made of scrumbled or fried eggs, slices of fruits like papaya or pineapple, slices of delicious coconut bread, Shrimp sallad or fried shrimps are included too. Not to forget nice cup percolated coffee and fresh fruit juice of the season.

  Early morning brekfast ...  3,00 $

Panga leaves early and restaurant is not formally open before 6:00 am, but there is always our light early morning breakfast available. Slices of fresh fruit of season, Coconut bread or local cookies or slice of pie and nice cup of just made percolated coffee for the road. Certainly worth of its price..

  Just nice cup of coffee ...  1,00 $

When you are leaving early in the morning, just a cup of coffee will be the best refreshment. Refill is always for free


Our delicious breakfasts are made from fresh fruits and vedgetables of our own farm. Therefore some changes may occur by season. Everything is fresh and prepared with care.

  Sweet coconut bunnies ...  1,00 $

Delicious sweet coconut bunnies, as a dessert or just whenever you wish. Very good early morning breakfast. too.


Our desserts are 100% natural and baked or prepared in Orinoco. Try some local cookies bakings and pies and you will be positively surprised...

Drinks and beveridge

In our restaurant you can find normal drinks made out of fresh fruits. National and some international beers are available too. Local specialities such as Gifiti -appetizer is worth of trying...



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